Who we are


Since 1972

Since 1972 we have been manufacturing our own proprietary herbal supplements right here in Hauppauge NY. Our mission from the beginning was to offer our consumers a line of all natural herbal extracts that were in the purest concentrated form. Back then we were just getting into the infancy stages of the Health food business and one of the few pioneers in the industry. Our founder Frank Sr. was a visionary and saw the need for an all natural herbal line of products that no other company was producing at the time. With his wife Josephine at his side they set out to chase there dream which later became one of the most respected names in the industry. What started as a small garage operation is now over 200,000 square feet of manufacturing packaging and corporate headquarters all operating under one roof in Hauppauge, NY. 

Founders Commitment

With so many companies to choose from,  its rare to find one that still has the same founder and family members active in its day to day operations from the day they started. Every day our doors are open you can find Frank Sr. working with his team of researchers developing innovative ways to deliver natural based supplements. Each product developed for our consumers are based and created off our advanced product formulations that only time and experience can give. Frank does this because he really loves what he does and truly cares to help his customers achieve there goals in living a clean natural life.  With this kind of experience and leadership, his core principles he built this business on back in 1972 emminates throughout the facility and is something we all are proud to be a part of.  

With Time comes many advancements

Along with the many advancements in technology we have always updated our laboratories to be one of the most advanced in the industry.  Along with one of the largest most advanced herbal supplement manufacturing facilities here in the U.S.A., we are creating processes that are cutting edge to help deliver to you products that work. All of this commitment comes as no surprise around here from our founder that" it doesn't make sense to produce products if they don't work". Based on this simple principle that Frank Sr. lives by we are making herbal supplements  using our highly advanced patented processes and equipment and look to improve on this each and every day. Products that are Safe and Effective and as close to nature as nature intended is what we are truly about. 

Why Holistic Balance


We know you have many choices when it comes to you and your families health. You have already taken the first step in achieving a better life choice by coming here taking your time and seeing what we are all about. As we said before “ its what stands behind every product that makes us stand out from the rest” This is not just some words we put together but a true fact about why we are truly one of the most advanced herbal supplement companies being sold today. With over 45 years of researching and developing true all herbal supplements we have stood the test of time and have seen an evolution of a true american dream come true. Back in 1972 when Frank Sr. decided to open an extract company people thought he was strange to say the least. But Frank knew better and foreseen a trend before anyone else. This has been


Over 45 years of researching and developing true all herbal supplements

The first and only Herbal supplement company to have a Pharmaceutical licensed and FDA compliant facilities.

We manufacture Herbal supplements from the raw herb to finished product in our 150,000 sf facilities.

We have been sourcing raw materials from around the world for over 45 years. Our network of farmers and wild crafters has taken us years to develope and has given us the strongest network in the industry. Our test standards have been set high and we have always sourced the best materials to make the best finished products. We source all of our raw materials from the best crops available. Wether from local farmers or abroad we test every sample every crop prior to and upon receiving them here at our shipping bays to assure we are using the best materials that meet our strict standards that we set over 45 years. During our propriortary process.