All Holistic Balance products are manufactured and packaged in accordance to Good Manufacturing Procedures facility that is pharmaceutically licensed, kosher- inspected, NSF certified, and organic certified manufacturer.


Incoming Raw Materials

We understand that quality products can only be made with quality raw materials. Every ingredient in our formula has a standard. To ensure that Holistic Balance products are made of the highest quality and purity ingredients, every raw material is tested before it's approved for use. The slightest variance is investigated and rejected.

Product Testing

Once the bulk liquid formula has been compounded it is tested again and compared to specifications set during the initial formulation of the formula. Active constituents are measured by state of the art instruments and analyzed for potency. After a vigorous process of testing the bulk liquid is approved for filling. Once the bulk liquid is filled into bottles samples are tested once again. Before any product leaves our facility we have ensured that it's free of heavy metals, pesticides and microbes. The end result is an effective potent product that is subjected to the highest standard.