Our Commitment to You

Wholistic Balance is dedicated to delivering the finest quality vitamins, herbal extracts and specialty supplements from clean ingredients derived from plants. Offering to customers products they can trust will enhance there health and well being while minimizing our impact to this planet.

A mission to give back 

For over 45 years we have been taking all the goodness of plants and using it to help improve the well being of all of us on earth. We have dedicated our life's work to understanding the complexities of the many varieties of plants our earth has to offer and what makes them so valuable to our health. Part of this dedication is our responsibility to protect the plants that have given us so much. T hats why it is our mission to help preserve our resources and support those efforts by donating to organizations around the world through 1% for the planet. An organization that was founded for companies to take part and help support environmental organizations around the world.  We urge all our loyal customers to take a part and do what they can to help our earth that has given so much for us. Its time to give back and be a part of something that helps preserve what we cherish so dearly. Click here to find out more about earth saving tips. 


It’s Time to Help our Planet

For many years we have been seeing the devastation that plastic can cause to our planet and thats why it is important that we all take a step towards helping our planet, by not only helping to clean it in its current state but leaving it better than we found it when we got here. Thats why we are taking our own steps in seeking to help our consumers with taking a step, even if its a small one. We feel that one small step by each on there own can collectively leave one massive impact on all for many years to come. Thats why For over 45years we have been packaging our products in glass and will continue to do so as long as its a option when it comes to offering our products to consumers that help with this effort. Yes we know its not easy and is more difficult and expensive but its a small price to pay when you see the long term effects plastics have in our landfills and floating in our rivers and oceans we cherish so dearly.